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What are Above Ground Pool Filters Capable Of?
Published by BESTPURE August 12,2022

An above ground pool can provide endless summer fun and relief from the sun, but only if the pool water is clean from dangerous bacteria and algae that will destroy a pool's aesthetic beauty, cast off its natural pH, and create a health risk to swimmers. Fortunately, an above ground pool filter can effectively treat 3,500 gallons of water per minute, which makes them capable of cleaning up to 24,000 gallon pools. There are several types of above ground filters, with many designed for a particular pool type and style. For example, a solar pool filter is designed specifically for pools that are located outside or have no artificial light, making it more effective at screening algae. A vinyl pool filter can also help maintain pool water quality as it helps keep debris such as leaves and dirt from settling atop the filter.


Above ground pool filters come in both portable and permanent models. A portable pool filter is designed to be moved around from one location to another on a daily basis, while a permanent model is meant to be installed into the ground. The portable types are generally smaller and more affordable than the permanent models, although they may take up slightly more space because they are not made up of as many components. Pools that are not regularly cleaned should have their filters replaced every four to six months. Those that are regularly maintained should have their filters replaced every year, or at the most, once every two years.


When shopping for an Above Ground Pool Filter, make sure that you consider the type of pool filtration system that will work best for your pool. Two options to consider are backwashing systems and sand filter pumps. Backwashing systems utilize a pump to send dirty water back into the pool, while sand filter pumps push the dirty water through a fine sand filter. In general, homeowners prefer to have their pools cleaned using backwashing systems because they do not require too much cleaning up, although those who are frequently using the swimming pool may prefer to use the sand filter pump. When comparing Above Ground Pool Filter options, be sure to note the manufacturer's information as well as the performance requirements of each type of filter that you are considering.

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