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Fresh anytime: PUREPLUS new arrival RO system—— UTR400
Published by BESTPURE August 12,2022

Different from the traditional RO systems, this item has a compact body with a height and length of only about 50cm and a thickness of 35cm. This ensures that the ladies as housewives have high standards for storage. Avoid secondary pollution of the water tank, save 75% of the space, fits perfectly under the sink, reduce noise and avoid water leakage. Coupled with the automatic flushing function of this RO system filter, it provides you super fresh water whenever.

RO System

1. After opening the panel protection shell, we found that the filter element of this machine is not a traditional spin-out filter element and there are two buttons marked as gray and white.

2. The filter element with gray buttons is a PPC composite high-activity filter element, which removes mud, removes odors, and absorbs waste. The reverse osmosis RO membrane of this filter element with white buttons can filter out 99.99% of harmful substances in the water among almost 1000 waterborne impurities, bacetria and viruses. The replacement cycle of PPC conforms to high activity filter element is 1 year, and the replacement cycle of RO reverse osmosis membrane is 2 years. So within 2 years, you only need to spend $0.03 a day to obtain healthy and pure water.

3. Plug-in installation and screw in, unscrew the filter, easily use and enjoy fresh water. The scientific water circulation system makes no water leakage. When the system determines that there is a potential water leak, it will automatically shut down.


RO System to TDS Solution

When many people think of TDS, they think of water pollutants, such as sewage and runoff. But TDS is inherently not universally safe or unsafe. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stipulates that the maximum allowable TDS content in safe drinking water is 500 parts per million (ppm). In other words, just because the TDS value of the water sample is below 500 ppm does not mean that it is safe to drink.

Although TDS testers can measure the amount of dissolved elements in water, TDS testing alone cannot determine what these elements are. Therefore, TDS testing is usually part of a more powerful water quality monitoring strategy that also checks other factors including temperature, conductivity, salinity, and pH.

Different from other traditional RO systems on the market, the traditional RO machine of the PUREPLUS brand can reflect the real TDS water quality on time.

From the moment you turn on the faucet, TDS can change from high to low with the flow of water. It will not display a specific good value from the beginning in order to please the user. The tankless RO systems of the PUREPLUS brand truly gives you the most authentic TDS feedback, from the high TDS value at the beginning to the healthy and normal drinking level value. And when the filter element needs to be replaced, there is a corresponding replacement reminding!

1 cup of water only needs 7.6 s, 1.5 cups of purified water corresponds to less than 1 cup of dirty wastewater. Faster speed, less waste water. This is of course much easier than dragging a few gallons of water from the store every week, and the quality is about the same.


The PUREPLUS RO system water filtration purifier is definitely worth the money.

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