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How to Install A Water Filter?
Published by BESTPURE August 12,2022

Drain water before installing, cut off water supply pipe, check filter sealing and integrity, connect the inlet&outlet, secure the water filter and hand tighten water entrances&exits.

First of all, drain water and empty the water supply pipe, do not forget to close water valve at the meantime. Take out all parts of the water filter and read the manual carefully in advance. Use wrench, lever and screw driver to install and uninstall the water filter.

Then, cut off the water supply pipe as a preparation to connect water filter inlet and outlet at both sides. Wash entrances and exits of water supply pipe and water filter unit. Find a proper position to place the filtration system in advance.

After that, follow the procedures on the instruction manual to attach every fittings onto inlets and outlets. Secure the water filter to keep it safe and stable so it won’t burst or crack in daily use. Tighten inlet and outlet by hand or wrenches. Once you finished the installation, turn on water valve and let water flow to check if there is any leakage when the water filter begins filtration. 

There are a variety of types and styles of home water filtration systems compatible with whole house, shower head, under sink&counter top, tap, etc. When you want to install a new water filter, it’s better to know more of the functions and filtration performance of different water filters. Some of them remove chlorine, smelly odor and unusual color (CTO&GAC activated carbon water filter); Some improve water quality and bring better taste to water (RO system&whole house filtration). While you buy a new water filtration system, the above instructions are some instructions for you to use it quickly.

To getting healthy and sanitary water for home and your family, it is very necessary to install a home water filter system in your house which normally used to filter, purify life water. What' s more, it can also let the filtered water taste good after filtration no matter your water from well or municipal water supply. Unpleasant odor, unusual color, impurities and other harmful matters and particles may exist in the unfiltered water will be filtered after you use a home water filter.

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How to Install A Water Filter?

Drain water before installing cut off water supply pipe check filter sealing and integrity connect the inlet&outlet secure the water filter and hand tighten water entrances&exits.