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3 Popular Water Filtration Methods
Published by BESTPURE August 12,2022

Of all water filtration methods for city and well water, there are 4 most popular filtration methods. The 3 water filtration methods are listed below to show their applications, advantages as well as disadvantages.

Water Filtration Methods

Gravity Water Filtration

This is one of the most traditional water filtration method which uses the weight of waterborne small particles and impurities to separate themselves. Pitcher water filtration uses this filtration methods.

Activated Carbon Adsorption Filtration

Adsorption and filtration effects of activated carbon can effectively remove unusual color, bad taste, free Chlorine, residual disinfection and some other organisms. Both CTO and GAC carbon water filter cartridges work well by using this water filtration methods.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration

A reverse osmosis membrane can intercept any solvends and only let pure water molecules flow through. RO water filters usually are used to extract filtered water from raw water that contains inorganic matter, organics and micro organisms more or less. RO membrane water filtration systems have a 99% sale removing rate and 99.5% bacteria reduction rate.

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